150 GOVECS scooters for Scoot in San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge

Munich-based GOVECS announced today that it has started the delivery of 150 electric scooters to Scoot Networks in San Francisco.

It is not really a surprise, talks about Scoot buying some GOVECS scooters have been going around for a while, even if the size of the purchase is surprising. At $5,000 a unit, this order represents a $750,000 investment for the San Francisco start-up.

Until now, Scoot has been using Chinese-made electric scooters that it heavily upgraded for its sharing network. The GOVECS scooters, based on the GO! T1.4 model, are produced in  its factory in Poland. They are coming to San francisco ready for use by the sharing program. Classified as a 50cc-equivalent, they can be used by anyone with a regular driving licence. Besides the much-better quality, the GOVECS will also offer cargo room. As can be seen in the pictures released by GOVECS, the German scooters will have a huge trunk, which is very practical for people who want to do their grocery shopping.

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 5.49.33 PM

For now, Scoot Networks is mum, saying only that it will make an announcement when the new scooters become available to users. It is more than likely that the new German scooters will be added to the fleet of 250 Chinese-made scooters, and will be marketed as a more luxurious and practical alternative. We will thus probably see a two-tiered pricing system. The basic plan offers a half-hour rental for $4 for the Chinese-made scooter, so we think that the German scooters might be available at a price of $6 for a half-hour. We will have to wait for a Scoot announcement to know the new pricing plans

Whatever the price, it is nice to see that Scoot Networks is not resting on its success, that it keeps growing and is constantly working to adapt its offer to the needs of its clients. Way to go, Scoot!

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  1. yuval Brandstetter MD wrote the 05/07/2015

    Power: 4.02 HP (2.9 kW))
    Torque: 9.00 Nm (0.9 kgf-m or 6.6 ft.lbs)
    Top speed: 45.0 km/h (28.0 mph)
    Is this ridiculous or not? Try taking a 250LB rider with his gear up one of those SF inclines on less than 3 kW.
    I wonder why Zero does not come out with a scooter based on the FX powertrain with 10 times the power and torque

    • Albert wrote the 05/07/2015

      If the scooters were more powerful, they would require a motorcycle license. How many people have a motorcycle license in San Francisco? You can’t have a sharing network without clients.

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