2015 sales of electric motorcycles and scooters in France


The CSIAM released its electric motorcycles and scooters sales data for Europe’s largest motorcycle market.

Like in 2014, the BMW C-Evolution scooter is the electric leader, by a wide margin, with sales of 409 units, a yearly increase of 80%. Sales of electric motorcycles are disappointing, with Zero, Brammo and KTM showing declining sales. The exception is the French trial bike manufacturer Electric Motion, which increased its sales by 680% to 39 units.

In the 125cc-equivalent scooter category, BMW is not the only one with increased sales: the French manufacturer Eccity sold 28 scooters, a 56% increase. Sales of GOVECS scooters collapsed. But the German manufacturer did much better in the 50cc-equivalent market, with sales of 161 units, an increase of 705%. The SCIAM data is incomplete regarding sales of other 50cc-equivalent scooters.

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It seems that the electric scooter market is developing much faster that the electric motorcycle market. It is hard to believe that Zero sold only 2 units of its S model. KTM sales are also disappointing, while the two French manufacturers are steadily increasing their sales, as does GOVECS.

We mentioned in our previous article that French manufacturers and distributors are in the process of creating a lobbying group, with the aim of pressuring the government to subsidize the sales of electric two-wheelers, as is the policy for electric cars. It can’t happen too soon…





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  1. Richard Harmon wrote the 16/01/2016

    When it comes to sales of all types of vehicles over the years it has been my impression that the French consumer market has always been sort of unique compared to other countries – and motorcycle/scooter sales even more so. The French have always liked to go their own way.

    • JP, the author of the post, wrote the 16/01/2016

      France is unique in the way it actually provides real data for sales of electric two-wheelers :-) For the rest, I think it is not that much different from other European countries, especially southern-European ones. Scooters are very popular in Europe. I have to admit though that I am at a loss to explain the poor numbers for Zero, in a country where electric cars are selling very well (albeit with up to €10,000 per car in subsidies)

  2. Albert wrote the 16/01/2016

    Zero has 7 dealers in France. So it is a little more than 5 bikes sold per dealer. The surprising fact is that sales declined from 2014 to 2015.

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