American entrepreneurs at EICMA: Sway and Fido


Among the small stands at EICMA we found two American entrepreneurs exposing their products to the international market and looking for distributors.

They have both shown their products in the US a few years ago, and those were supposed to be on the market by now. However, like every other electric vehicle, they are late. They are now announced for spring 2015…

Sway Motorsports, based in Mountain View, California, was founded by Joe Wilcox. He designed this electric 3-wheeler with an elaborate and patented tilting steering mechanism (see video). It gives the scooter a wider front than other tilting trikes like the Piaggio MP3. The Sway comes with three different batteries options:

– the Sway Basic has a lead acid battery pack, 20 miles range and 40 mph top speed, with a 5 kW hub motor, for $4,999

– the Sway Lithium has a lithium battery pack, 40 miles range and 55 mph top speed, with an 8 kW hub motor, for $7,999

-the Sway LithiumPlus has a 60 miles range, a 70 mph top speed and a 10 kW hub motor, for $10,999



Jeb Gast started his Fido project a few years ago in Seattle under the name Fremont Motors. He has since moved to Kalamazoo, Michigan, and changed the name of his firm to Fido Motors. Little is known about the specs of the Fido, besides a top speed of 45 mph and a range of 40 miles. Production is starting this winter, and the price will be around $4,500.

We hope that both entrepreneurs will be successful and that we can soon test these interesting scooters.


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