How the BMW C Evolution electric scooter is being made

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BMW has released a 3-minute video showing the assembly of a C Evolution in its Berlin factory, where over 100,000 motorcycles and scooters are being produced annually.

The C Evolution has now been on sale in most European countries for several months, at a price of €15,400 ($20,575) or €295 ($395) per month for a long-term rental agreement. No sales numbers are available so far, and it is difficult to know how the C Evolution is doing in the different markets. Sales objectives are rather low, for example only 100 units are planned for the French market in 2014.

The following video shows that most of the C Evolution’s assembly is done manually, and that we are far from a robotized manufacturing process like the one we have seen in videos released by Tesla.

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  1. yuval Brandstetter MD wrote the 17/08/2014

    That is a ridiculous price. For that amount you get a Zero SR with 14.2 KwH and under 4 second 0-100 km performance and CHADEMO quick-charge

    • Albert wrote the 17/08/2014

      Yes it is expensive, but so is the Tesla compared to a Nissan Leaf! Everyone has different needs and desires, so the more choices the better…

    • Yoann wrote the 17/08/2014

      With BMW, you’ll certainly get a better support than with Zero… In France, a lot of user are very unhappy with the customer service of Zero. BMW is more trustable in a lot of customers minds.

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