BMW’s C evolution is a success in France

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 8.11.17 PMBMW’s C evolution electric scooter has already reached its French sales goal for 2014, with one month to spare.

In November, BMW sold 14 C evolution in France, bringing the total from January through November to 201. BMW’s goal for 2014 was to sell 200 electric scooters in France, and this seems to show that the C evolution found its market.

Too bad that we don’t have any other sales numbers for electric two-wheelers to compare it to. Sales data for every motorcycle and scooter sold in France are published monthly, except for electric-powered ones. So we don’t know how many motorcycles Zero, Brammo and Lito Green have sold so far this year.

Nor do we know how many electric scooters were sold, besides BMW’s. We also wonder what proportion of the C evolution sales are private sales. Govecs revealed recently that about 80% of its electric scooters sold in Europe are fleet sales.

So it is probable that BMW will beat Zero in the French market this year.  It might not be fair to compare scooters and motorcycles, but the C evolution is priced between the Zero S and the SR in France.



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  1. DH Zehrbach wrote the 25/02/2015

    We shall see how the ZEV Electric LRC fairs against the BMW and ZERO in that market. That large motor scooter is 30 km/h faster than the BMW and 2 times the range-for the same price as the BMW. The BMW specs match the ZEV 8500 LR which is 1/2 the price of the BMW. But ZEV is a small company without the BMW name, just a better product for the money.

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