Brammo 2014: New colors, new prices!

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Brammo finally announced their 2014 range and there are no big news: some cosmetic changes and new prices, but no mention of a 2014 Enertia.

The recently discounted prices on the 2013 have disappeared from the Brammo web site, but I am sure there are discounts to be had on the remaining 2013 models. Besides being a little late, Brammo mentions that the 2014 model “will become available” without giving a real date. As for the Enertia, will there be a 2014 model, or are too many 2013 models left? The price of the 2013 Enertia Plus is back at $10,995 (it was discounted at $9,995 before this announcement). I am not trying to be negative; I think the Empulse is a beautiful bike. I am just wondering how sales are going for the firm.

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For 2014, prices for the Empulse now start at $16,995 (same as before the discounted prices on the 2013). The new Empulse is 10 lbs. lighter, has redesigned battery brackets, and a new LCD dash. New handlebars and Continental tires complete the make-over. The Empulse R is now priced at $18,999, with a torquier engine that the regular Empulse, and with fully adjustable front and rear suspensions.

Both models are now available in “Maillot Jaune” yellow and “Neodymium” Silver Metalic (as an option on the regular Empulse).  I can’t wait to see them at my local dealer…

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