Brammo also on the move

Empulse LE Police

Empulse LE Police

Like Zero, Brammo is riding the electric wave, developing its international distribution and finding new partners.

The Oregon-based firm just announced a new strategic partnership with TEAM Industries, a drivetrains and transmission specialist. According to TEAM, its “products include transmissions and transaxles, continuously variable transmissions (CVT’s) and electric vehicle drivetrains”. Which makes us wonder if Brammo will drop its 5-speed transmission currently on the Empulse in favor of something more simple on its next models… The press release mentions that the two firms together will “develop world-class electric vehicle drivetrains for the next generation of electric vehicles”, to also be sold to other OEM manufacturers. TEAM is becoming an investor in Brammo, joining Polaris which 2 years ago invested $13 million in the electric bike manufacturer.

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In other news, Brammo’s strategy is looking a lot like Zero’s, with fleet sales to Police departments, a rapidly expanding network of domestic and international dealers and an active presence in social networks. The Oregon firm just appointed Propeller Energy from Colombia to develop and manage its dealer network in Latin America. Brammo has also found a Canadian importer, so that its bikes should be available there really soon. The Empulse was just launched in the UK, with positive reviews in the British media. In the US, a new July promotion has Brammo make your first 3 payments on a new bike if bought within 30 days after a test ride!

Brammo should thus have a good 2014 year, and we hope that the firm will release some sales numbers. Anyway, it better gets used to communicate more numbers, if it wants to become a public company via its planned IPO…

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  1. yuval Brandstetter MD wrote the 14/07/2014

    Its the range. Whoever wins the range-charge war, that is long range quick charge will be the Tesla of Motorcycling.

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