Chinese Team wins first Moto E race

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Ho Chi Fung won the first Moto E race in Assen, Netherland, on his Zongshen electric motorcycle.

Moto E is the new electric motorcycle championship sanctioned by the FIM, the global entity that governs most motorcycle racing. This new-for-2014 championship has 4 more races scheduled, as follows:

Round 2: Aug. 15-17 Anglesey (UK)

Round 3: Sep. 19-21 Hockenheim (GER)

Round 4: Sep. 26-27 Donington Park (UK)

Round 5: To be announced

The Assen race had only 5 competitors from 4 different teams. Only the Sprint race was held, as all afternoon races were canceled due to extreme weather. Ho Chi Fun took pole and won the sprint race. His teammate Tang Yu finished 4th. Zongshen is one of the largest Chinese motorcycle manufacturer, and its involvement in this electric championship speaks volume about its ambitions in the world market.

Jeremiah Johnson

Jeremiah Johnson

American racer Jeremiah Johnson finished 3rd on his University of Nottingham-developed motorcycle. Second place went to Dirk Schnieders from Germany. Klaus Nissen-Petersen finished last on the Danish motorcycle from Future Electric.


  1. Ho Chi Fun #59 Zongshen Racing
  2. Dirk Schnieders #32  Racing Blue
  3.  Jeremiah Johnson #64 Nottingham Uni-Agni Racing
  4.  Tang Yu  #28 Zongshen Racing
  5. Klaus Nissen-Petersen #91  Electric Squared
Klaus Nissen-Petersen

Klaus Nissen-Petersen

Photos by MotoE


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  1. erwan wrote the 11/08/2014

    you tell us the result of Q1
    the sprint race results are different

    Pole 59 Ho Chi Fung / China Zongshen Racing / China 2:00.152 3 8:09.259 –
    2 32 Dirk Schnieders / Germany Blue Racing/ UK 2:11.968 2 9:05.936 56.677
    3 64 Jeremiah Johnson / USA Nottingham Uni-Agni/UK 2:16.221 2 9:15.325 1:06.066
    4 28 Tang Yu / Hong Kong Zongshen Racing / China 2:18.648 3 9:23.293 1:14.034
    5 91 Klaus Nissen-Petersen / Denmark Electric squared 2:43.486 1 8:23.005 3 laps

  2. JP, the author of the post, wrote the 11/08/2014

    Corrected. Thanks erwan.

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