Cityscoot expanding in Paris

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Cityscoot is expanding its electric scooter rental network in Paris and introduces the “free-floating” concept.

Cityscoot is a French startup that wants to become the Velolib or the Autolib (the well known bicycles and electric car rental networks in Paris) for electric scooters. It started a few months ago in a parking garage in the Defense area, but as of June, the electric scooters will be available in other areas of Paris. Cityscoot will introduce 35 Govecs Go 2.4 (a 2-seater 50cc-equivalent with a range of 60 km, or 37 miles) and become the first rental network to allow “free-floating”, which means that a user can drop-off the scooter anywhere he wants within an approved area.

To use the network, a user needs a smart phone to locate a scooter and make a reservation. Via text message he receives then a code  to activate the scooter. The rental cost is 3 euros for 15 minutes, or 2 euros if the scooter is dropped off at a place where it can be recharged. Thanks to an agreement with the parking company Vinci, several parking garages provide such an opportunity, as well as 400 Autolib stations throughout Paris. How does Cityscoot deal with scooters left in the street with an empty battery? Well, if a user rents a scooter with a battery charge of less than 30%, the ride will be free if the scooter is brought back to a place it can be recharged. In the future, Cityscoot also plans to have removable batteries.

According to Cityscoot’s CEO, Bertrand Fleurose, the network should have 1,000 scooters within a year, and 2,000 scooters by the summer of 2017. Parisians will then have a clear rental choice between bicycles, electric scooters and electric cars for their city transportation!

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  1. yuval Brandstetter MD wrote the 31/05/2015

    3 Kw peak power? That is not 50 cc eq. its puny. Especially for big guys. and a two seater????
    Anyway the basic unit these days is a 125 CC scooter, because the 50CC are two cycle polluters. So at a minimum one should offer, for 12 euros an hour, a 10 KW performer.

    • JP, the author of the post, wrote the 31/05/2015

      50ccs are very popular in France. For the first 4 months of 2015, 19,832 50cc scooters were sold in France, vs 9,654 125cc. You can ride a 50cc at age 14, vs 16 for a 125cc. Plus the licence requirements are different. Electric scooters are considered 50cc if less than 4kW of power.
      The only successful electric scooter rental network in the world (Scoot in San Francisco) also uses 50cc-equivalent electric scooters.

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