Electric bicycle sales booming in Europe

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Sales of electric bicycles sharply increased in the biggest European markets in 2013, despite total bicycle sales declining slightly.

The market share of electric bicycles was up in the three largest markets in Europe. In Germany, total bicycle sales in 2013 declined by 5.5% to 3.5 million units. However sales of electric bikes increased by 7.9% to 410,000. This means that the share of electric bicycles reached a record 11% in Germany.

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In Holland, total bicycle sales were down 2.5% to 1.008 million units. Electric bicycle sales increased by 9.4% to 192,000 units, and their market share went from 16% in 2012 to 19%. In France also total sales were down in 2013, to 2.785 million units, a decline of only 1%. Sales of electric bikes were still relatively small, at 56,000 units, but grew at a rate of 17.5%.

It thus shows that electric bicycles are increasingly popular in Europe, especially in Holland where one in five bikes sold is electric. Will the electric revolution spread from the bottom up to scooters and motorcycles?

Data: Bike Europe

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