The electric EM 5.7 wins the French Trial championship

1974272_783150881741946_1806300484040983447_oFor the first time ever, an electric vehicle wins a national championship, beating its gas-powered competition!

Even before the last stage of the championship, Bastien Hyete has been crowned French trial champion in the Senior 2 Class. “During the different stages of the championship, we have demonstrated the superiority of our electric bike on all kinds of tracks and conditions”, declared Bastien. Its gas-powered competition included bikes from Gas Gas, Beta, Sherco, Montesa, Orca and Jotagas.

 Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 1.27.22 PM

Manufactured by Electric Motion, a small firm based in Castries in the south of France, the EM 5.7 is also available in a street legal version. We presented it a few months ago:

Congratulations to Electric Motion and Bastien for this world Premiere!

You can find a detailed review of the EM 5.7 by Trial Magazine here:




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