Here comes Yamaha!


At the next Tokyo Motor Show, Yamaha will present the latest evolution of the electric motorcycle concepts the Japanese manufacturer showed last year.

The styles have not changed much, with the PES2 designed as a sports bike and the PED2 more of a dirt bike. See here for last years concepts:

But the PES2 is now a two-wheel drive thanks to an additional hub motor in the front wheel! Both concepts have a new power unit, but little else is known about them, besides that “both models are equivalent in performance to Class II (50–125cc) mopeds and motorcycles.”

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 12.29.49 PM

Last year, Yamaha was talking about 2016 for a market launch, and we don’t know much more for now. So who will be the first big Japanese manufacturer selling an electric bike, Honda or Yamaha?


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  1. RobM wrote the 16/11/2015

    Electric motorycles, clones of everything from the HOnda Grom to the biggest HOnda motorcycles are availalbe on Dhgate and Aliexpress.

    Very cheap, too.

    The electric Grom (eGrom) videos are online, racing gasser Ducati’s in Taiwan.

    We don’t need Yamaha concepts.

    To buy one, it seems you just need a credit card. $2000 plus delivery.

    All the gas scooters and motorcycles have been cloned, in electric, in China. Cheaper than the gas version.

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