Jay Leno tests the electric Harley Davidson


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Jay Leno discovers the Livewire and is really impressed by Harley’s surprising electric motorcycle.

Jay leno is a big fan of cars and motorcycles, and has one of the finest collections of vehicles in the world. He also has a web site, “Jay Leno’s Garage”, where he presents his latest acquisitions and tests new vehicles. He recently tested the Livewire and produced a 21 minutes video.

The video gives us a history of the electric motorcycle, followed by a full presentation of the Livewire, along with an interview of Harley-Davidson’s Ken Ostermann, head of global marketing operations. It then narrates Jay’s test ride of the Livewire. Leno is really impressed by this new kind of Harley, which he compares to a 500 cc gas-powered bike in terms of performances. His main complaint is its limited range.

Watch the full video:

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