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Sales of electric two-wheelers might be underwhelming, but designers and even some manufacturers are still imagining new products.

Honda has still not taken the plunge and brought an electric two-wheeler to market. It is tempted though, judging by the EV-Cub concept it will introduce at the next Tokyo Motor Show. Its design is based on the Cub, the all-time best-selling bike in the world. The EV-Cub features a removable battery, and this is about all we know about it. We couldn’t think of a better product for Honda to test the electric market!


BMW is inspiring a couple of designers. The first one is the British firm Kal Design, which presented two different concepts, based on the same chassis and featuring the same electric drive train.

Designer Jordan Cornille came up with the BMW iR, a racing concept of a BMW electric bike:

KTM also is giving new ideas to designers. Daniel Brunsteiner, from Austria, came up with this KTM ION:

Thomas Bousch, from France, designed this version of an electric KTM:


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The Tech University of Eindhoven in the Netherlands developed the STORM Pulse. Its main attribute is a range of 380 km (236 miles ) thanks to a 28.5 kWh battery. The plan is to take it around the world in 80 days.

Last, but not least, another concept from France. It is not really a two-wheeler, but it probably fits better in the bike category. Lazareth, a manufacturer of quadricycles, presented the first electrified version of one of its products, the e-Wazuma. It comes with two 30 kW engines with 490 Nm of torque and a 10 kWh battery.

All these projects and ideas are a good sign that electric two-wheelers will sooner or later take over. It just might take a little longer than we hoped for…

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