Moto-ball to go electric in France

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The French Motorcycling Federation announced that it will introduce electric motorcycles for the 2015 Moto-ball championship.

Moto-ball is a sport played mostly in Eastern Europe, Russia, Germany and France. It is like soccer, except that the four players per team ride on a motorcycle. There is also a goalkeeper, but he has no bike. Fifteen teams compete in the French championship, using 250cc gas-powered bikes.

Starting in 2015, 20 electric motorcycles will replace some of the traditional bikes. The new electric bikes will be based on Electric Motion’s EM 5.7, which recently won the French trial championship. It is unclear if the French national team will compete with electric motorcycles at international events.

The EM 5.7 in demonstration at last weekend's Formula E race in Malaysia

The EM 5.7 in demonstration at last weekend’s Formula E race in Malaysia

By going electric, moto-ball might increase its popularity and expand its reach. Here is a small video of a match:

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