New 2016 Electric Motion motorcycles

For 2016, Electric Motion (EM) is retiring its EM 5.7 trial bike and replacing it with 4 new models, which will be introduced at the next EICMA show in Milan.

EM has so far been a little-known success story among electric motorcycle manufacturers. It found its niche, the electric trial bike, and its EM 5.7 model is being sold all over the world. Last year, it won the French Trial Championship.

EM 5.7

EM 5.7

This year, the French company also started the production of electric bikes for the French motoball championship. So EM is on a growth path, and claims to have sold 250 motorcycles in 2015 (120 in 2014 and 70 in 2013). According to its owner, Philippe Aresten, the company has reached its financial breakeven point, and plans on selling 400 bikes in 2016.

EM's Motoball version

EM’s Motoball version

At the next EICMA show, EM will introduce a whole new range of bikes for 2016. Few technical details are known yet, except that they will have more power and range than the EM 5.7. There will be an entry model, the EM Lite for beginner trialists. More serious riders will have the choice between the EM Sport and the EM Sport+, the latter with 20% more power and range. The EM Escape is an Enduro version with a larger battery. And finally, the E-Trek, a road-going model with a 2 kWh battery and a 40 to 60 km range (25 to 37 miles). It will have an integrated charger and still weigh only 85 kg (187lb). The E-Trek has been homologated in France as a 125cc-equivalent motorcycle. Prices will start at €6,500, and top off at €7,500 ($7,000 to $8,000).

EM E-Trek

EM E-Trek

Good news has been rare this year for electric motorcycle enthusiasts. So it feels good to report on EM’s success and growth. Congratulations, Electric Motion!

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  1. Brian wrote the 08/11/2015

    Curious to see the specs for the E-Trek. But 2 kWh battery? Come on, now that the price is below $200 per kWh, I don’t understand why they are so stingy!

    • rz'er wrote the 10/11/2015

      Come now, that’s <$200/kWh for mega-quantity, in a certain cell format. Building barely one unit a day does not get you competitive cell prices, and we don't know what format EM is using to keep it bike-sized.

  2. Albert wrote the 08/11/2015

    Would that make EM the second biggest electric motorcycle manufacturer in the world? Or is it KTM?

  3. yuval wrote the 11/11/2015

    Zero Motorcycles Israel has just ended the sale of its 2015 allotment, and is now offering the 2016 models. Marc tells me 40 units have been moved, which is more than France. France is 10 times more populous than Israel. New concessionaires for Zero are in the process of establishment, one in Ashkelon, on the Mediterranean coast, and one in Beer Sheva. With close to 16 KwH capacity and 12 KM per KwH a 200 KM range is realistic.

    • JP, the author of the post, wrote the 11/11/2015

      Thanks Yuval. Yes, these numbers for Israel are very impressive. How do you explain Zero’s success in your country?

  4. Saiful A wrote the 09/10/2016

    Too expensive I think..
    Where’s dealer for EM in indonesia?

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