The SunCycle: a solar-powered cargo bicycle

It is a cargo bike with solar panels to recharge its lithium ion battery, from the founder of Zero Motorcycles.

When Neal Saiki left the electric motorcycle firm in 2011, he started a new company named  NTS Works in Santa Cruz. It introduced two electric cargo bicycles, and this third model is the first with solar panels. Located on the lid of the cargo box, the 60-watt panel can recharge the battery in 8 hours.

It has an lightweight aluminum frame, and the total weight of the SunCycle is only 68 pounds. Yet it has a front cargo capacity of 100 pounds, and a rear cargo capacity of 50 pounds.

View from the top...

View from the top…

The electric motor in the front wheel hub provides 250 watts of power. The system is pedelec, which means you have to pedal for the motor to run, and the rear wheel transmission has an 8-speed Shimano internal gear hub. The 36v lithium ion battery has a capacity of 2.9 Ah and gives the SunCycle a range of  15 miles at high power, or 40 miles at low power.

You can pre-order the SunCycle, and it should become available in May at a price of  $3,900. PizzaHut, your new delivery vehicle is here…


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