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GOVECS has started production of the Scrooser

The Scrooser is now being manufactured by GOVECS in its Wroclaw, Poland, factory.

Govecs resurrects the “Schwalbe”

At Eicma, Govecs presented a modern version of the “Schwalbe”, as an electric scooter of course.

Govecs electric scooters now available in the US

The scooters of Munich-based Govecs, the leading European manufacturer of electric scooters, are now available in the US.

Electric scooters at Intermot 2014

Electric scooters out-numbered the gas-powered models, giving us a good idea of where this industry is heading in Europe.

Govecs for Domino’s Pizza

In Fontainebleau, near Paris, a Domino’s Pizza store is using three T2.4 electric scooters from Govecs to deliver pizzas.

Govecs has all the right moves!

The German firm has become the leading European electric scooter manufacturer, with a range of products and dynamic marketing.

The electric scooter market

Several manufacturers from different countries are trying to popularize the electric scooter, while the big Japanese and European makers of gas-powered scooters are sitting on the fence, waiting…