Zero increasing production and expanding management team

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With Brammo gone and the big motorcycle manufacturers still sitting on the fence, Zero is taking advantage of its window of opportunity.

Zero has been on a hiring binge over the past few weeks. Two new positions have been added to its executive team: Dennis Gore joined the firm as Vice President of Product Development and John Zukoff joined as the Vice President of Quality. Gore had strategic positions with Chery Automobile, Honda, Nissan and Mitsubishi, while Zukoff has experience leading quality programs with General Motors, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and Tesla Motors.

Zero is also expanding its sales and marketing team, having recently announced the hiring of three new regional sales directors. Eric Gallion will be based in New York and responsible for Zero’s eastern region, Ron Luttrell will cover the south from his home office in Atlanta, and Chuck Schram will manage the central region from its base in Minneapolis.

In France, the largest motorcycle market in Europe, Zero announced the hiring of Bruno Muller as country manager. Muller used to work for Yamaha, Piaggio and Peugeot Scooters.

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The Los Angeles Times, in a recent article about Zero Motorcycles, mentioned that the firm produced 1,300 bikes in 2014, and plans to build 1,800 units in 2015. According to the article, “half its sales now come from outside the U.S., and 10% of its business is with police departments and security agencies”. Zero has also doubled its staff to about 130 employees.

It is nice to see that despite the Brammo debacle, Zero is zooming ahead and is now clearly the electric motorcycle champion!

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  1. yuval wrote the 15/03/2015

    They need to offer fairing on bikes so desperate to add range. not the FX of course but the the S and SR might do so0 much better with fairing. And CHadeMO

  2. Albert wrote the 17/03/2015

    I agree, don’t understand why Zero is not offering a model with fairing.

    • yuval Brandstetter MD wrote the 07/05/2015

      I actually added a Givi miniwinde-screen . It improved my range by 8-10 percent, and made the ride on the open road smoother

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