2014 sales of electric motorcycles and scooters in France

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We don’t know how many electric bikes were sold in the US for 2014, but we now have the sales numbers for France.

The electric sales king in France is BMW, which sold 227 C evolution in 2014. This is remarkable, since total worldwide sales for the C evolution reached only 550 units according to BMW. Zero Motorcycles comes in second, with 45 units (12 DS, 2 FX, 1 MXD and 30 S/SR). KTM is third with 21 E XC sold. Brammo found 10 customers (6 Empulse and 4 Enertia). The French firm Electric Motion sold 5 of its EM 5.7 trial bike.

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These sales figures can be compared to the sales in the Netherlands, where 36 Zero were sold, along with 34 BMW and 16 Brammo.

Yamaha Eco3

Yamaha Ec-03

There were other electric scooters sold in France. Peugeot moved 65 of its e-Vivacity and Yamaha 63 Ec-03, both 50cc-equivalent scooters. Govecs, the other German scooter manufacturer, sold 47 units (27 125cc-equivalent and 20 50cc-equivalent). Eccity, the French manufacturer of 125cc-equivalent electric scooters, saw sales of 24 units, of which 18 were Artelec models.

Eccity Artelec

Eccity Artelec

In the electric moped category, Matra sold 113 e-Mo, e Solex saw 88 sales, and Etricks moved 58 units.



It is nice to have some sales numbers, even if they confirm that we are really only in the very beginning of the electric revolution. In a way, 2014 was the first year for the electric motorcycle in Europe. So we can hope that the 2015 sales will be much higher.

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  1. escooteristfor15years wrote the 04/03/2015

    Those sales numbers, imo, are too low to sustain a payroll of assemblers, technicians, admin, sales people, website designers, etc.

    Yamaha is not selling those in Canada, to my knowledge. Too bad.

  2. escooteristfor15years wrote the 04/03/2015

    I wonder why Naples, in Italy, doesn’t mandate that all scooters be electric? The air in Naples is black with smog from 2-stroke gas scooters. Everybody there is on small scooters. It is hilly, though, in Naples.

  3. Ralse wrote the 03/01/2016

    You are asking for electric scooters to be mandatory in Napoli? You can not get around hills if you are not motorised. 4stroke is ok but 2stroke is very much wanted. 2stroke definitely isn’t the main cause for the smog.

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