2015 Zero: ABS and Showa suspension


IMG_1676At Intermot 2014, Zero introduced the 2015 range, which features Bosch ABS brakes and Showa suspension.

No revolution at Zero, only improvements for 2015. Range has been improved by 10%, thanks to new battery cells. With the Power Tank, range is now up to 185 miles (298 km) in the city, 94 miles (151 km) on the highway at 112 km/h or 115 miles (185 km) at 88 km/h.

Zero SR front brake

Zero SR front brake

The Zero S, SR and DS get new cast alloy wheels and Pirelli tires come now on all models. Other cosmetic changes include new mirrors, improved seat ergonomics, softer grips and more robust throttle.

The only new model for 2015 is the Zero FXP, which is basically the Police version of the FX.

Zero FXP

Zero FXP

Prices have “improved”, too…

Zero SR starts now at $17,345 (Power Tank $2,495, Quick-charge $599)

Zero S starts now at $13,345 with the 9.4 battery ($2,000 for the 12.5 battery, $2,495 for Power Tank, $599 for Quick-charge)

Zero DS starts now at $13,345 with the 9.4 battery ($2,000 for the 12.5 battery, $2,495 for Power Tank, $599 for Quick-charge)

Zero FX starts now at $9,845 with the 2.8 battery ($2,495 for the 5.7 battery, $599 for Quick-charge)

Scot Harden, VP of global marketing, told me that for 2015 they will concentrate on improving production and distribution. Pressed on sales numbers, he acknowledged “around 2,000 retail” for 2014.

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  1. JP, the author of the post, wrote the 30/09/2014

    Correction: Zero has no new battery cells, they have “newly packaged battery cell”.

  2. yuval Brandstetter MD wrote the 02/10/2014

    First, every reviewer of zero pointed out the need to improve components, braking, suspension and tires. So Zero is responsive. These additions cost.
    I doubt there is real improvement in the cells. My impression they might have added some cells to the S line to increase range, with no improvement to power density. That’s because the fixed size modules on the FX are unchanged. Had better cells been installed inside the modules I would expect greater capacity from the same module. the Farasis Gen II cells have not been announced as far as i know. So the correction is corredct

  3. Yuyun wrote the 12/02/2016

    yup. their biggest prolbem is they don’t strive for innovation. it seems like no big american company wants to be “laughed” at so they don’t bother coming up with any new ideas. instead, they let the other companies take the risk then wait to see if it’s profitable before they jump on. america was built on innovative ideas!!! back in the 50’s (might be 60’s) the state of california was so certain that we’d be traveling in flying cars by now that on some of their major highways they actually build “small runway width” lanes. now that’s not the case, but it goes to show you that we at one point in history were willing to take the first step. it won’t be until something really new & creative comes along that our economy will be fully restored. and it won’t be until these large companies sack up before any of that happens.

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