2016 sales of electric motorcycles in France

Sales of electric motorcycles in France almost doubled in 2016, reaching a total of 194 units.

It is very difficult to find market data for electric two-wheelers, and only in France can we find such data every year. Being the second largest market for motorcycles in Europe, France gives us a good idea of the European market.

Data from the CSIAM (Chambre Syndicale Internationale de l’Automobile et du Motocycle) show that sales of electric motorcycles increased by 90%, from 102 units in 2015 to 194 units in 2016.

Zero Motorcycles almost tripled its sales, from 38 to 104 units, while Victory/Brammo sold only 3 units. French manufacturer Electric Motion saw an increase of 36%, from 39 to 53 units. KTM doubled its sales, from 16 to 32 units. Volta, the new Spanish manufacturer, sold 2 units.

In 2014, 81 electric motorcycles were sold in France, so we can clearly see that the market is expanding year after year. Starting in 2017, the French government is offering an incentive of up to €1,000 for the purchase of an electric two-wheeler. This can only be beneficial for the sales of electric motorcycles, which should reach a new record in 2017.

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