BMW’s electric vehicles are now cleared to recharge at Autolib’s stations

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That means that owners of BMW’s C Evolution electric scooters can now recharge mostly for free at over 4,700 Autolib stations in the Paris area.

Autolib is the very successful electric car sharing service in Paris, and has recently been duplicated in Lyon and Bordeaux. It is a public/private joint venture between the city of Paris and the Bollore group, which runs the program and provides the 2500 Bluecar electric cars.

Curiously, about a year ago, Bollore accused BMW of “industrial espionage” after the police arrested two Germans working for a BMW’s subcontractor who were conducting “tests” at several charging stations in Paris… But now everything is forgiven, and Bollore and BMW issued a common press release announcing the compatibility of BMW’s electric vehicles with the Autolib charging stations.

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Where it becomes interesting for us is that electric two-wheelers have a very special charging rate that the city of Paris imposed on Autolib. Between 8am and 8pm, the first 2 hours of charging are free, after that it is 1 euro per hour. Between 8pm and 8am, the first 4 hours are free. All that is needed is a €15 yearly subscription.

And since the C Evolution can be recharged to 80% in 2 hours, and 100% in 3 hours, one could arguably ride for free in Paris by using the Autolib charging stations!

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  1. jerome wrote the 26/08/2014

    wrong statement, BMW C eve can’t be charged at any Autolib station, but only the ones accepting third party vehicles with domestic outlets

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