ChargeMap releases its newest app


ChargeMap, the European leader in the geo-localization of charging stations, has released its newest app for Apple and Android phones.

ChargeMap lists over 50,000 plugs available to recharge an electric vehicle in Europe, in seven different languages. It is being kept up-to-date by the ChargeMap team and over 10,000 members who help collect the information, in a system reminiscent of Plugshare in the USA. Nissan, Peugeot/Citroen and Kia use ChargeMap for the marketing of their electric cars in Europe.

With so many plugs, one could think that it is a breeze to recharge a car or a bike in Europe. But it is not that easy: at any time, up to one third of all the charging points are out of order, and different connectors and standards add to the challenge. Some charging points are on private properties and are accessible only during working hours. Plus there are different networks with different access badges and payment methods.

That is why it is so important to have a maximum of information about a charging point before you get there. The ChargeMap app indicates the standard and connection-type of a plug, shows a picture of the charging station, indicates if it is being used, and what kind of badge or card is needed for its access. The information comes from the network operators or from the users themselves.

A Windows version of the app is in the works, and ChargeMap plans to expand to the US in 2015.

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  1. yuval Brandstetter MD wrote the 19/10/2014

    So the real solution is completely different. Charging itself should cost nothing because electricity, especially for a two wheeler is cheap. its the premises where charging is done that should want the rider to patronize them. The parking space should be completed with a plug, that’s all. As for one-the-road quick DC chargers such as the wall-mounted ABB units designed for the Denza should make it attractive for the riders to inhale the coffee while the machine charges up.$file/4EVC402301-BREN_PortfolioOverview.pdf page 6

  2. JP, the author of the post, wrote the 20/10/2014

    Even if they are free, you will still need to know where these chargers are, what standard they use, if they work and if they are being used.

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