Here comes the C Evolution, the BMW of electric scooter

Screen Shot 2014-04-12 at 5.40.27 PMThe production of the C Evolution has finally started at BMW’s factory in Berlin-Spandau. Will this sophisticated, powerful and expensive electric scooter be the Tesla of the e-scooter and ignite the market?

It is certainly a very high-end maxi scooter, based on the gas-powered C600 Sport and C650GT.  It features antilock breaking, torque control, energy regeneration and a powerful motor delivering a continuous output of 11 kW, with a pick output of 35 kW (47hp). 0 to 62 mph takes 6.2 seconds, top speed is 75 mph, and its 8 kWh lithium battery is good for 62 miles. The C Evolution shares the same battery modules as the BMW i3 electric car.

Screen Shot 2014-04-12 at 5.41.02 PM

Then there is the price, which makes it truly a BMW: in France it will cost you 15,400 euros ($21,360). The scooter market is much more developed in Europe than in the USA, but is there a market for such an expensive scooter? Will the C Evolution be the Tesla of electric scooter? Will we ever see the C Evolution in the USA, where the scooter market is not doing very well? All these questions make the launch of the C Evolution something to really watch, and let’s hope it is the beginning of a new era.

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