E-Motion Motor presents its electric jet ski, the EMR-1


At the recent Salon du Véhicule Electrique et Hybride in Val d’Isère (France), the big novelty was an electric jet ski prototype.

E-Motion Motor (not to be confused with Electric Motion, the French manufacturer of electric trial bikes) is a French start-up created by Simon Falgaronne, a former jet ski racer.

The EMR-1 could also be seen in demonstration at a small lake near Val d’Isère. According to E-Motion Motor, the EMR-1’s performances are equivalent to those of a gas-powered rental ski-jet, thanks to a 75 hp motor and a battery providing a 4-hour range. Top speed is given at 85 km/h (53 mph).

E-Motion Motor is looking for investors to launch pre-production in 2017, followed by production in 2018. The target market is the rental market, where the EMR-1 is said to save €4,000 a year in gas costs. Watch their video from FaceBook:


Jet skis are more or less water scooters. And like the two-wheeled version, these scooters beg to be electrified. Who hasn’t suffered from noisy and smelly jet skis, while trying to enjoy some quiet moments on a beach or at a lake?

So we wish E-Motion Motor the success it deserves, and maybe the manufacturers of gas-powered jet-skis will take notice…

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  1. y Brandstetter MD wrote the 24/07/2016

    This is awsome.
    Kind of skimpy on details such as weight. battery capacity power, who makes the motor etc…

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