eCooltra launched its electric scooter-sharing in Barcelona

After San Francisco and Paris, Barcelona is the latest city to have a GOVECS-based scooter-sharing program.

Barcelona was a pioneer in the electric scooter-sharing program with its Motit program:

Based on the Core scooter produced by the local firm Going Green, it ended in failure. This time though, this new sharing program seems much more solid, since Cooltra is not a new comer: it is Europe’s largest gas-powered scooter rental company, with over 4,500 scooters available in cities across Europe. The firm involved the Swiss company ElectricFeel to develop the sharing software platform and invested €1.5 million to create eCooltra, buying 250 50cc-equivalent GOVECS scooters.

The eCooltra scooter-sharing program looks a lot like Scoot in San Francisco or Cityscoot in Paris, with users needing a smart phone app to locate and use a scooter. In Barcelona, the electric scooters will be available in a free-floating zone covering 40 sq/km (15.5 sq/miles). The rental fee is 24 cents per minute.

It is also another success for GOVECS, which is now clearly the leader in electric scooters for sharing programs. For GOVECS it is that much more remarkable since Barcelona is home to several manufacturers of electric scooters, like Torrot, Scutum and Rieju.

eCooltra is planning to spend €20 million by the end of 2019 to expend to other cities, like Madrid, Milan, London, Amsterdam and Berlin. We can only hope that they will be very successful in Barcelona so they can follow their ambitious development plans!

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  1. yuval Brandstetter MD wrote the 06/03/2016

    Cute. The problem is suppose you ride out to the Aquarium (Bracelona aquarium is huge and impressive) and leave your ride. How will you get back 4 hours later if your hotel is by the Camp Nou stadium?

    • Albert wrote the 06/03/2016

      If you are within the free-floating zone, just check on your phone where the closest scooter is.

  2. Isabelle wrote the 20/04/2016

    Very nice idee!
    I saw you are planning to exdend to other cou tries?
    How to discuss partnership?
    Good luck with this project 😉

  3. George Poling wrote the 02/05/2020

    Hello JP,
    Thank you for sharing this post.
    It’s really very nice idea.

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