Electric bicycles from Kia and Qoros


The 2014 Geneva International Motor Show just opened to the public, and as has become a trend at European car shows, two carmakers showcased new electric bicycles.

If most people are familiar with Kia, very few know Qoros, a new brand developed in a joint venture between Chinese car manufacturer Chery and the Israeli investment firm Israel Corporation. Qoros is getting ready to start selling its model 3  hatch and sedan in a few European countries, and is hard at work trying to gain some notoriety and credibility. Which probably explains its new electric bicycle…

Qoros eBIQE47.39 PM

Qoros’ eBIQE has a carbon fibre body over a steel frame and weighs 49 kg (108 lbs.). It has a top speed of 65 km/h (40 mph) which it can reach in 8.5 seconds, thanks to a 12 kW motor. This puts it in the “motorcycle” category in most countries. Range, depending on speed, varies between 50 and 75 miles. The eBIQE is actually based on an electric bike from the Croatian firm Greyp, the G-12.

The same QorosCloud navigation system available in the Qoros car has been adapted to the eBIQE, which features a 5-inch touch screen. It is unclear if this bike will ever be commercialized, but the price would come in at well over $8000.


The Korean carmaker Kia brought two pedelec concepts to Geneva. They are basically city and mountain bike versions of the same vehicle, which is officially called the Kia Electric Bike (KEB). Both weigh around 45 lbs. and have a top speed of 15.5 mph. They are propelled by a 250 Watt hub motor producing 45 Nm of torque. The 36 volt, 10 amp lithium-ion polymer battery is removable. Charging takes about 4 hours and provides a 25 miles range.

Kia 2

Will we ever see these concepts become real products? None of the electric bicycle concepts introduced over the past years by Daimler, Audi, Ford, Porsche, Honda or Toyota made it to the showrooms. So don’t hold your breath…

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