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Eurobike 2014

Europe’s most important bicycle tradeshow in Friedrichshafen, Germany, just closed its doors. It confirmed the ascendancy of the electric bike.

Electric bike sharing in Spain

Spain is at the forefront of electric bike sharing, with three networks in Madrid, Barcelona and San Sebastian.

IKEA to sell electric bicycles

The Swedish chain of furniture stores is testing the sale of electric bicycles at two of its locations in Vienna, Austria.

The Beast, a solar-powered e-bike

This versatile e-bike is at home on the road or off-road, and recharges while you are riding it, thanks to its solar battery pack.

Electric bicycle sales booming in Europe

Sales of electric bicycles sharply increased in the biggest European markets in 2013, despite total bicycle sales declining slightly.

ShareRoller: a portable electric motor for bicycles

ShareRoller transforms a bicycle into an electric bike. And according to its creator, it works with major bicycle share programs in the US, UK and Canada.

Electric bicycles from Kia and Qoros

The 2014 Geneva International Motor Show just opened to the public, and as has become a trend at European car shows, two carmakers showcased new electric bicycles.

Bike lanes and electric bikes

All over the word, cities are developing more and more bike lanes. However, authorities and bicyclists are fighting about who can use them: should electric bikes be allowed in those lanes?

The SunCycle: a solar-powered cargo bicycle

It is a cargo bike with solar panels to recharge its lithium ion battery, from the founder of Zero Motorcycles.

The electric bicycle market

In 2013, over 160,000 electric bicycles were sold in the US, most of them imported from China, with the rest assembled in the US from mostly Chinese components.