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Vectrix is back!

The Vectrix saga is not over: there is a new company in Europe selling Vectrix VX-1 and VX-2 electric scooters.

First impressions of the Niu N1 electric scooter

One of our reader is giving us his first impressions of the Niu N1, the new Chinese smart scooter.

Spanish Postal Service gets 100 Scutum electric scooters

Correo, the Spanish postal service, will use Scutum electric scooters for mail delivery in major cities.

eCooltra launched its electric scooter-sharing in Barcelona

After San Francisco and Paris, Barcelona is the lastest city to have a GOVECS-based scooter-sharing program.

Sway in pre-production at GOVECS

The Sway tilting trike is now in pre-production at the GOVECS factory in Poland.

Paris adopts the electric scooter

Hundreds of 50cc- and 125cc-equivalent electric scooters will soon be criss-crossing the streets of the City of Light.

2015 sales of electric motorcycles and scooters in France

The CSIAM released its electric motorcycles and scooters sales data for Europe’s largest motorcycle market.

More Artelec electric scooters

Eccity Motocycles has announced the new Artelec 870, which will complement the Artelec 670 and Artelec 470 models.

Are fuel cell scooters coming?

At the Solutions Cop21 trade show coming up in Paris, Asia Pacific Fuel Cell Technologies Ltd (APFCT) is showing its new generation of fuel cell scooter.