Electric Supermotard championship project in France


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The FFM (French Motorcycle Federation) had a meeting with all the major electric motorcycle manufacturers to discuss the creation of an Electric Supermotard championship.

The founders of Tacita and Electric Motion, representatives from Zero and KTM, along with the importer of Bultaco, all met at the FFM to talk about a project carried by Jean-Paul Levy and his promotion firm Racinger. Levy is not a new comer, he is involved in the electric car racing E Formula, and his Racinger City Tour project has already signed up six cities throughout France. It is modeled on the very successful E Formula international championship, with temporary racetracks created within urban centers, linked with all kind of “green” activities and promotions during the race weekend.

The bikes have to be 125cc-equivalent, and so far Zero and KTM will have ready-to-race bikes with the FXS and the Freeride E-SM. Electric Motion is working on a specific model, and Tacita plans to prepare a version of its T-Race M. Rumor has it that Yamaha is also interested.

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This could be a very interesting championship, and could easily be duplicated in other countries. And what better way to promote electric 2-wheelers!

Source: FFM

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  1. David Conquistador Taylor wrote the 19/02/2016

    Next: autonomous electric supermoto?

  2. bikemite wrote the 21/02/2016

    France wants to promote electric 2-wheelers with this supermoto, Paris orders 400 electric scooters.
    I really should continue my french lessions.

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