The Electric Motion 5.7, an electric trial bike

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A small French company is producing electric bikes for trial events, and has been selling them all over the world.

For those who don’t know the sport of motorcycle trial, it is a non-speed event where competitors ride an obstacle course and avoid touching the ground with their feet. Trial requires fine throttle, balance and machine control, which explains why the bikes are very lightweight and are ridden standing up (they lack seating).

They seem therefore to be the perfect bikes to be electrified. Electric Motion (EM), a small start-up near Montpellier, in the south of France, released the EM 5.7 in 2012. As of today, EM has sold more than 200 bikes, mostly in Europe but also in Asia and North America, through a network of importers. According to Philippe Aresten, the founder of EM, a dozen have been sold in the US, through the American importer, six-time National Trial Champion, Ryan Young.

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The EM 5.7 weighs only 70 kg (154 lb), and has a 5 kW (10 kW peak power) brushless motor with 16 Nm (20 Nm peak power) of torque. Four mappings are available: Novice, Trek, Wet Trial and Dry Trial. Top speed is 55 km (34 mph), and its removable 1.2 kWh lithium polymer battery is good for a time range of 50 to 150 minutes. A 15 Amp charger allows for a one-hour charging time. The bike comes in green, orange, blue or yellow.

And the price? The EM 5.7 starts at €4,700 ($6,395), and the EM 5.7 Sport (with racing suspensions) costs €5,800 ($7,892).

The EM 5.7 is leading the 2014 French Trial Championship in its category, and most bikes have been sold to active trial competitors. But Philippe Areston can see the bike’s potential as an all-around off-road motorcycle that can be used in nature while emitting no noise and no air pollution. Electric Motion’s short-term strategy is to expand into the off-road market while keeping its low prices, and plans to build 500 bikes in 2016.

The video below illustrates what that market could look like, with a bored teenager going for a ride on his EM 5.7…

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  1. yuval Brandstetter MD wrote the 14/07/2014

    Cute. but 1.2 KwH? I guess this is sub-sub-specialized with no usefullness outside its specific environment. I shall stick with my 5.7 KwH Zero FX

    • protomech wrote the 21/07/2014

      This is a trials bike – not even close to street-legal. Gas trials bikes, for comparison, weigh about the same and carry only about half a gallon of fuel.

  2. Albert wrote the 20/07/2014

    Yes I was thinking the same, they need a bigger battery on that bike!

  3. […] According to CleanRider, Electric Motion has sold about 200 units worldwide since its 2012. The 70-kg (154.3-pound) bike is powered by a brushless DC motor that peaks at 10 kWs (13.41 horsepower) and offers as much as 20 Nm (14.75 pound-feet) of torque. Its battery holds a slight 1.2 kWh, but is said to offer between 60 to 160 minutes of run time, while charging to 80 percent in 40 minutes. Top speed is limited to be 55 kilometers per hour (34.18 miles per hour) which, given its purpose and the fact that it doesn’t have a seat, seems plenty fast to us. Power is carefully doled out using four different power maps: novice, trek, wet trial, and dry trial. Although trials riding is not a big sport in the U.S., the bike has crossed the Atlantic and is available through Ryan Young Products. […]

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