Energica Ego: ready for testing!

energica ego

The Italian firm has announced demo rides of its electric superbike for some lucky riders in Modena (Italy), and then later in Germany and the USA.

Cevolini Rapid Prototyping (CRP), the maker of the Energica Ego, is based in Modena and is best known for supplying parts for most formula 1 teams. Their motorcycle has been presented before, but now it looks like the project is moving ahead and the company is getting organized to produce and release the e-bike as a 2015 model. Pricing starts at $25,000.

For those interested in taking a test ride in Modena on May 18, 2014, CRP has released a questionnaire on their web site to select the lucky testers. Best of all, the company announced that similar tests will be held later in Germany and the USA. The list of candidates will probably be very long…

The Energica Ego has a top speed of 149 mph, propelled by a 134 hp motor with a torque of 195 Nm (143 ft-lbs). Its looks and performance makes it a serious competitor to the superbike from Mission Motorcycles. The market could use a good rivalry to create some buzz for electric bikes!

For your viewing pleasure, here is a video of the Energica Ego:

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    • JP DARWIN, the author of the post, wrote the 31/03/2014


  2. Hakan wrote the 27/02/2014

    Wow, THAT is an awesome ride. I really LOVE her look.

    I am just curious about the weight of electric motorcycles. How much do battery packs weight ? And does the weight affect the handling of the motorcycle ?

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