Energica opens its first US showroom


On July 6th, Energica inaugurated the “Galleria Energica” in San Francisco, and gave us a glimpse of its US distribution strategy.

Located in the trendy neighborhood of Hayes Valley, the San Francisco showroom featured two Energica Eva and one Ego as the Italian Ambassador to the US, Armando Varricchio, cut the ribbon. Also present was Livia Cevolini, the CEO of Energica Motor Company S.p.A., and Stewart Davis, CEO of Energica Motor Company Inc., the US subsidiary.

Slowly, Energica is putting all the pieces together. After going public at the end of last year, the Italian firm inaugurated its new headquarters and factory in Modena last month. Regarding distribution, Carlo Iacovini, Energica’s Marketing Director, told us that in Europe, the firm is using importers in the various European countries; but for the US market, it created an American subsidiary and will follow the example of Tesla and open showrooms with configurators. Energica thinks that the San Francisco bay area will be its biggest market in the US, which explains why it chose the City for its first Galleria and opened its first service center in Redwood City, half way between San Jose and San Francisco.

According to Carlo Iacovino, the first container from Italy with the first bikes will arrive in San Francisco next month. Supplies are limited, since Energica will only produce 200 bikes in 2016, and 700 in 2017. Most of the production is already spoken for by the European demand, especially in Northern European countries. Which means that for now US distribution and the number of Gallerias and service centers will expand rather slowly.

Anyways, it is nice to see a new serious player in the electric motorcycle market. Starting at over $34,000, the Eva and Ego are not cheap. However, their performances and their CCS Combo fast charging capabilities put them in a class of their own.

CCS Combo fast charging on Eva

CCS Combo fast charging on Eva

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  1. yuval Brandstetter MD wrote the 10/07/2016

    Like a Tesla, this bike may be a fashion statement. The choise of CCS fits with the west coast where the majority of CCS chargers are but stray east and no more fast charging. What I really do not understand is why not go with the Tesla standard which Elon has pledged to make patent-royalty free, well distributed throughout the States.

  2. Albert wrote the 10/07/2016

    Agree with the fashion statement, but it is working very well for Tesla… As for the CCS, all the American (except Tesla) and European car manufacturers agreed on the CCS standard, so it is a good bet that CCS will win the standard war.

  3. y Brandstetter MD wrote the 11/07/2016

    If so, I hope Zero adopts the standard and works with a major manufacturer of DC chargers, such ABB to overcome the compatibility problem that scuttled the CHADEMO choice. I will stay with my ultra short range Zero FX untill Zero offers real-world long distance travel choice.

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