Evoke Electric Motorcycles, the Asian startup

A group of young expats in China is trying to develop a modern electric bike for the Chinese market, with other Asian markets to follow.

Evoke is based in Beijing and was started by Nathan Siy who grew up in Canada. He used to run a company offering tours of Beijing with electric scooters, and slowly got interested in developing a modern electric motorcycle. Little is known about Evoke’s financing, but the firm claims to have produced just under 50 bikes in 2015, and hopes to quadruple its sales in 2016.

The Evoke Urban comes in two versions, which are described as 150cc-equivalent. Prices start at $6,500.

Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 2.41.53 PM

For now distribution is limited to Beijing and Shanghai, and Evoke is planning to add more distributors in China before attacking other Asian countries. The firm has no plan for the US market, indicating that “market feedback, including power demands, range, and top-speed have been very polar, and have delayed US distribution to after our South East Asian expansion”.

The Evoke Urban is in the same category as the Volta we mentioned in our last article. Like the Volta in Europe, the Evoke is testing the market in Asia for modern electric 125cc-equivalent motorcycles. Best of luck to both of them!

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  1. Albert wrote the 31/01/2016

    Interresting. Is there really a market for these city bikes? Wouldn’t an electric scooter be better adapted to city life?

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