Gogoro comes to Europe

Gogoro is providing the electric scooters for a new sharing network in Berlin and will soon also sell its scooters in Amsterdam.

We introduced the Taiwanese firm Gogoro and its electric smart scooters a while ago:


The originality of Gogoro is its battery swapping system, which allows riders to go to a GoStation and exchange their empty batteries for charged ones. Gogoro claims to have sold 10,000 of these scooters in Taiwan, with 220 GoStations in operation handling 7,000 battery swaps per day.



The Berlin sharing network is spearheaded by Coup, a subsidiary of Bosch. It works the same way as Scoot and other electric scooter sharing networks, with location and reservation via smartphone. Coup is claiming that its service is starting with 200 Gogoro scooters. The rental cost is €3 for a half hour, or €20 for a day.

The scooter is limited to a top speed of 45 km/h (28 mph), to qualify as a 50cc-equivalent scooter and thus avoiding the need of a motorcycle license. Berlin has already another electric scooter sharing network, Emio, which uses Emco scooters.

In the beginning, and until enough GoStations are installed, Coup will be in charge of swapping the batteries when needed.

Later this summer, Gogoro will also start selling its scooters to individual customers in Amsterdam. Few details are available about that project. No information on how many GoStations will be available, nor how much the scooters will sell for. In Taiwan, Gogoro had launched its vehicle at a price of $4,200, but had quickly needed to drop its price to under $3,000 to get sales going.

In any case, Gogoro seems to be moving ahead with its expansion abroad, and testing its concept in Europe seems a smart thing to do before attacking the American market, which is a stated objective of the Taiwanese firm.

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