Good to hear from Victory!

A Victory Empulse TT will race at the 2016 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.

It has been a while since the last time we heard any news from Victory and its electric Empulse TT (ex Brammo Empulse R). So we are glad to see the brand actively promoting its bike and electric motorcycles in general, since the Pikes Peak climb usually gets a lot of media coverage.

The Pikes Peak climb, which celebrates its 100th anniversary, will see Cycle World’s Don Canet on an Empulse TT prototype, based on the TT Zero that raced at the Isle of Man. Last year Canet raced the Project 156, a gas-powered Victory bike, which is also entered this year, but piloted by Jeremy Toye. It will thus be interesting to compare the performances of the two Victory prototypes, gas vs. electric.

Testing of the Empulse RR prototype has begun and team manager, Brian Wismann says: “The Victory Racing team is pleased to have successfully completed our first test in our journey back to challenge Pikes Peak on its 100th anniversary. We wanted to get our racer some familiarity with the power delivery, handling and nuances of racing an electric motorcycle and we were able to accomplish that and more. It’s really a testament to Don’s abilities that he was able to show up at a track he’s never ridden before, throw a leg over an electric bike he’s never ridden before and go as fast as he did ‘out of the gate.’ We’re looking forward to the next test when we really start to fine-tune our set up to tackle the mountain!”

A total of 28 motorcycles will be competing, of which 5 are electric: besides the Victory, there will be 3 Zero FXS and a prototype from Buckeye. Let’s hope for an electric victory!

Quote: American Iron Magazine

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