GOVECS has started production of the Scrooser

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The Scrooser is now being manufactured by GOVECS in its Wroclaw, Poland, factory.

GOVECS has become the OEM partner of several electric scooter companies. Alongside its own scooters, GOVECS is now producing the Scrooser and also Speedliner-Mobility’s line of electric bikes and cargo bikes. Another OEM agreement with an electric scooter firm should be announced very soon. This is of course good news for GOVECS, which can thus expand its factory and its know-how.


We introduced the Scrooser a while ago ( and found it to be a very original and cute electric scooter. Its impulse-drive motor makes it possible to be also used as a kick-scooter.

The Scrooser will be available this spring at a cost of €3,571 ($4,078), and should make it to the American market..


Photos:Slawomir Kortas

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  1. Richard Harmon wrote the 16/02/2015

    In my opinion, the Scrooser doesn’t have a chance in the U.S. market. It wouldn’t be legal to ride on most sidewalks or bike paths if it has a motor and would be way too small and slow for travel on the street. Only having two wheels, it wouldn’t even work in a retirement community. It sort of reminds me of a lawnmower engined mini-bike, but it costs a lot more and has much less power. Good luck to GOVECS, but don’t bother bringing it to the U.S.

  2. Albert wrote the 16/02/2015

    I see it more as a fun and trendy vehicle. Needs a good placement in a movie to get known…

  3. Rich wrote the 22/02/2015

    A sidewalk vehicle? Seriously, if you are only using sidewalks, it’s easy to get around without any more effort than walking on a $200 bike at 10mph. No lights on it from what I could see. I guess it prob falls in the US federal classification of an ebike – limited to 20mph, legal to use anywhere a bicycle can go. That’s fine. But you have to use streets if you are going to go more than a few blocks. Relegated to the sidewalk is fine if traffic is going fast, but for densely used sidewalks in the city – just walk.

  4. escooteristfor15years wrote the 04/03/2015

    There is very serious flaw, imo. The front tire is not rounded, and turning at speed will be very tricky.

  5. JP, the author of the post, wrote the 14/01/2016

    Update: there has been a “divorce” between GOVECS and Scrooser, and the small electric scooter will now be manufactured in Germany. More delays…

  6. David wrote the 28/04/2016

    Hi JP, thanks for the update !
    what’s is going on with this project ?
    Why don’t we see these every where ?
    I am looking for some real reviews on how it really rides by real owners but can’t find anyone on the net !

    • JP wrote the 02/05/2016

      Just got an invitation for test ride sessions in Berlin on May 7 & 8:

      Right in the MITTE of your heart

      The SCROOSER is now rolling off the assembly line and will come directly to your front door! With the start of production, we will begin the SCROOSER TEST RIDE SESSIONS and bring the revolutionary scooter into your hands. The Test Ride Sessions start in Berlin:

      Saturday, May 7th from 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm and
      Sunday, May 8th from 11:00 am – 4:00 pm

      Brunnenstraße 10, 10119 Berlin Mitte

      How to lean the SCROOSER into a curve? How to use the impulse drive? Is it really easy to change the battery? Come and try out this unique driving experience for yourself. And if there are any open questions, the SCROOSER team is in place with answers.

      By the way, not only the SCROOSER models will be running hot! We will have a hot barbecue grill as well!
      Can we count you in?

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