Happy Electric New Year!

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Happy New Year to all our readers, and may 2015 be the year when the market for electric 2-wheelers really takes off!

After spending a couple of weeks on holiday in Europe, we are back to start CleanRider’s second year. 2015 should be interesting for electric bike fans.

It will be a year of consolidation for Zero, as it has a great updated range and an established international distribution network. It is not clear where Brammo stands at this point, and we will have to wait and see… We should welcome the first production models from Italy-based Energica in the US, along with the Alta Motors RedShift, the Lightning LS-218 and the Mission R & RS. And let’s hope that Canada-based Lito Green can develop its dealer network for the Lito. Will KTM bring its electric Freeride to the US? Will Yamaha finally release its electric bikes?

The arrival of the Mahindra GenZe should answer the question about the existence of a market for affordable urban electric scooters in the US. As for the market for more expensive electric scooters, the answer should come from European scooters like Govecs and maybe someday BMW.

Will the multitude of small foldable electric scooters and one-wheelers find a market? Will the sales of electric bicycles keep increasing? We will find out during this new year.

So here is to 2015!




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  1. Yoann wrote the 06/01/2015

    An interesting question in 2015 is where to get sales numbers for electric motorbikes and scooter. It’s something missing to have a real overview of this market.

  2. Mark Sze-To wrote the 14/01/2015

    In partial reply to Yoann, I’m writing to let you and the Clean Rider audience know about Electric Avenue Scooters’ our introduction of Govecs electric scooters in the US through a Fundable.com crowd-sourcing campaign.

    Electric Avenue Scooters also has a new M-class scooter school for licensing new riders, and a micro-lender based financing option for new Govecs owners. Finally, we are introducing these new age concepts through a Fundable.com crowd-sourcing campaign:


    We’ve made some progress at Electric Avenue so far:

    Our new Scooter School has produced more than 30 graduates in the last 2 months, with more signing up and graduating every week.
    As an initial market test, we have sold 25 Govecs scooters to U.S. customers over the past year, mostly in Austin, Texas.

  3. yuval Brandstetter MD wrote the 25/10/2015

    As of 25 of october this year is winding up. Zero motorcycles Israel says its shoving the last 2015 and the demo 2014′ models out the door, As the congestion around the the Tel Aviv metropolis worsens (Tel Aviv looks like a giant construction hub) more commuters take up the Electric option as their preferred solution. As I see it greater expansion can only be achieved via true real-world charging option, Tesla like, and that, unfortunately is not an option on the 2016 Zero lineup. As a Zero rider I would have suggested one more option on the 2016 Zero lineup – a Combo DC charging port where the new J1772 port is offered. I have no doubt the 100-200 volt connundrum can be solved within the 2K$ option cost,

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