Italian Tacita e-bikes: ready for testing

Tacita T-RC Cross

Tacita T-RC Cross

Introduced to the public a couple of years ago, the trio of Tacita T-Race electric dirt bikes is not quite ready for sale. But for 420 euros ($585), you can sign up for a two-day test ride through Italy.

Based in Turin and named after the Roman Goddess of silence, Tacita has been in operation since 2009. It is specialized in electric dirt bikes, and gained some notoriety in 2012 for racing the T-Race electric bike in a cross-country rally in the African desert.

Tacita T-RR Rally

Tacita T-RR Rally

It has since developed a range of three T-Race based dirt bikes. They are basically the same bike, with a five-speed gearbox and a liquid-cooled motor and controller. It develops a continuous power of 9 kW (12 hp), with a peak power of 27 kW (36 hp) and 60 Nm of torque. A 1 kW charger comes standard (3 kW on option) for the lithium-polymer battery. There are two modes of riding, eco and sport, and a power reserve reduces performances automatically when the battery falls below 20% of charge.

Tacita T-RE Enduro

Tacita T-RE Enduro

The main difference between the three models is the battery. The T-RC Cross comes with a 3.3 or 4.0 kWh battery, with prices starting at 19,436 euros ($27,000). The T-RE Enduro offers a 3.3, 4.0 or 5.3 kWh battery, and prices go from 20,132 euros ($28,000) to 22,433 euros ($31,200). Finally, the T-RR Rally has either a 8.0 or a 10.6 kWh battery, and a price of 28,146 euros ($39,000) or 30,379 euros ($42,000).

Compared to the Zero FX or the BRD MX, which offer slightly better performances for a much lower price, the Tacitas  sure seem to be very expensive. Are they too expensive, or can they justify being priced like the Ferraris of electric dirt bikes?

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  1. Pierpaolo Rigo wrote the 14/05/2014

    Dear sir, thank you for your interest about us.
    The bikes are ready for the european market and we are delivering the first motorbikes ordered at Eicma.
    The off-road is not only a problem of engine power, but of how to transmit this power to the ground.
    If you want to test the bike in Italy in one of our T-Tour, it will be a pleasure for us to show you what the Tacita T-Race can do.
    Please take a look on our youtube channel tacita pr
    With best regards
    Pierpaolo Rigo
    CEO Tacita Srl

    • Zilvinas wrote the 05/10/2014

      Hello. I have a suggestion of a handling system I have conceptualized.

      It could work with or without the steering damper and it would tackle the handling problem known as the “tank slapper”. Also, it would prevent rider dismount occurrence known as the “high side”.

      I don’t have a patent for it, however I hope we could work something out. Also, I have more handling systems in my mind, so if you’re interested, please leave a notice in my email box.

      [email protected]

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