KTM Freeride E at a dealer near you (if you live in Europe)

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The Austrian manufacturer officially launched 2 versions of the Freeride E electric motorcycle, and said they should reach European dealers in the next few weeks.

KTM showed off prototypes of the Freeride E over the past few years, and had promised a customer version by the end of 2014. It is nice to see a manufacturer deliver on its promises, especially concerning electric motorcycles

The Freeride E comes in two versions. The Freeride E-SX is the closed-course model, weighs 106 kg (234 lbs) and has a price of €10,995 ($14,117). The Freeride E-XC is the street-legal version which comes with lights, turn signals, mirrors and an ignition/steering lock. It weighs 110 kg (242 lbs) and costs €11,295 ($14,502). Both have the same brushless electric motor rated at 11 kW (15 hp) with a peak output of 16 kW (21.5 hp) and 42 Nm of torque. The Engine Control Unit (ECU) is water-cooled. The removable 2.6 kWh lithium-ion battery pack allows for about one hour of riding.

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This is the first electric motorcycle marketed by one of the established motorcycle manufacturer. The official press release mentions that the Freeride E is “the absolute foundation of KTM’s long-term commitment to E-mobility”. But it also adds “While KTM doesn’t believe that electrically powered motorcycles will replace conventional combustion engines in the near future, the company has a clear vision in the creation of a segment in its own right.” Difficult to argue with KTM right now, but we would still like to see the Freeride E in the US as soon as possible.

So congratulations and welcome to the E-mobility world, KTM! Maybe this will wake up the other established motorcycle manufacturers…

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  1. yuval wrote the 28/09/2014

    i must say these specs for a 15K dollar machine are underwhelming. At numbers glance the FX seems a far more capable machine doubling the powerr torque and range of the Austrian
    Go Zero

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