Live from Intermot 2014


An entire hall is dedicated to electric bikes and scooters, with an inside track to test the bikes and an outside track to test the scooters.

There are all kinds of electric bicycles everywhere. Several German and other European electric scooter manufacturers show their products, along with some Asian brands. We will look at them in a later article.

I talked with a BMW representative about bringing the C Evolution to the USA. He said that it is a long-term project and that they know the demand seems to be there but that the scooter required several changes for the US market.


A nice fuel cell powered Suzuki Burgman concept was in the middle of the Suzuki stand. It features an air-cooled polymer-electrolyte fuel cell system producing 3.9kW and a secondary lithium-ion battery. Very few other details, except that the scooter weighs 175 kg (386 lb) and has a 140 km (87 miles) range.


Brammo was nowhere to be found. Although they were listed in the show’s catalogue, their space next to the huge Polaris stand was empty. Asked about it, the organizers said that Brammo was a no-show. Should we read something into it? The plot thickens…

The Brammo stand...

The Brammo stand…

Zero has an impressive stand, located at the entrance of one of the halls and thus difficult to miss.


A representative from Daymak told me they are actively looking for a retail space in San Francisco to sell the Beast, the Daymak Drive System (DDS) and their other products. Are they adopting the Apple retail strategy?

More to come tomorrow after some rest…

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