The Mahindra GenZe STS, a new American electric scooter

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Developed in Silicon Valley and manufactured in Ann Harbor, Michigan, this new electric scooter from the Indian automaker Mahindra will be available this summer.

It has a minimalist design, with a big storage space behind the one-person seat. Performances are limited by a rather modest 1.4 kW motor and a 20-pound removable lithium battery. Top speed is 30 mph, with a range of 30 miles. The traditional instrument panel is replaced by a 7-inch touch screen, which also monitors the charge status and the range.

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The GenZe STS target market is the younger generation, and it will be interesting to see if there is a demand for this entry-level electric scooter costing around $3,000. Mahindra is very ambitious and plans to sell the GenZe all over the world from it Michigan-based manufacturing plant.

It seems that the range of electric scooters is expending rapidly, with this GenZe STS at the lower end and the BMW C Evolution at the higher end. The electric scooter is thus becoming more and more credible.

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