More Artelec electric scooters

Eccity Motocycles has announced the new Artelec 870, which will complement the Artelec 670 and Artelec 470 models.

The French startup is slowly increasing the production and the model line-up of its electric scooters. Eccity sold 30 Artelec 670 in 2014 and was shooting for 100 units in 2015. In 2016, the Artelec 470 will allow the firm to enter the larger market for 50cc-equivalent scooters, which is accessible to 14-year-olds in France and in some other European countries. This new model is also key for penetrating the fast growing market for scooter sharing, which has so far mostly gone to GOVECS.

The new Artelec 870 should also become available this year; like the Artelec 670, it is a 125cc-equivalent model, but more powerful, with a top speed of 120 km/h (75 mph).

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 11.50.37 AM

Eccity’s products are being distributed in France, Germany and Austria. The firm recently raised €100,000 via crowdfunding to develop its international distribution, and is eying the British, Belgian and Swiss markets.

French manufacturers and distributors of electric bikes are slowly getting organized. They are in the process of creating a new lobbying group, the GEME (Groupement Européen de la Moto Electrique). One of its first action is to try to get the French government to subsidize electric 2-wheelers, like in the UK (up to £1,500, or $2,160, per purchase). France has been very generous with buyers of electric cars (up to €10,000, or $10,890, per car), but has so far ignored electric bikes.

Subsidies from European governments are indispensable to get the market going. So the creation of the GEME is welcome news, and let’s hope for fast results!


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  1. Albert wrote the 14/01/2016

    Why don’t they go all the way to the limit of the 125cc-equivalent class with a continuous power of 11 kW, and a higher peak power? There cannot be that much difference between the 670 and the 870.

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