New design and new name for Lit Motors’ C-1


Lit Motors updated its Facebook page with a new design for its C-1 model, which now seems to be called the AEV.

Lit Motors released this “new design direction”, and mentioned that  “the updated design makes a bold and forward looking statement by juxtaposing a dark front graphic with forward flanking side panels… By extending the wheelbase, we have improved several functional needs for the occupants: increased passenger comfort by providing more interior leg and head space as well as improving entry/egress.”

The previous C-1 design

The previous C-1 design

But still no release date for the C-1  AEV (Auto-balancing Electric Vehicle). No other news, and reservations can still be made for this $24,000 vehicle. It has been almost a year since Lit Motors got another $1 million in funding, and there are few signs of things moving ahead, except for the most recent video, released a few weeks ago. Compared to the previous video, the “training wheels” are gone, replaced by retractable side pods.

So let’s be optimistic, and hope that Lit Motors will surprise us soon…


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  1. Freewheeled wrote the 25/02/2015

    Yeah, pretty sure this AEV or whatever it is called won’t happen. Probably already burned through the $1 million.

    • Albert wrote the 25/02/2015

      You are probably right. The people at Lit Motors seem to be great at research and experimentation, but I don’t see them developing production and marketing.

  2. Richard Harmon wrote the 28/02/2015

    I think the technology that they are developing is interesting and might be useful for some other application, but I don’t see the C-1 ever hitting the marketplace as a drivable vehicle in any noticeable numbers. It just isn’t something that very many people would want to buy. Even BMW couldn’t make their much more practical C-1 sell very well and they dropped it after a couple of years.

  3. Robert Rosa wrote the 22/04/2016


    Still no C 1.

  4. JP wrote the 24/04/2016

    In this Feb 2016 article in Forbes magazine, the founder of Lit Motors said that his objective was to “to have a production-ready prototype in 24 months.” So don’t hold your breath…

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