New electric kick scooters

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The electric kick scooter category seems to be heating up, with several new products (almost) ready to be introduced.

We already presented the Scrooser (, developed in Germany and manufactured by GOVECS in its Polish factory. It should be reaching dealers anytime soon now, and will be available to American consumers. But the Scrooser will be facing some competition.

Scooterson Rolley

Scooterson Rolley

The Scooterson Rolley , developed by a team of four Romanian entrepreneurs, is supposed to be coming in April of next year and looks a lot like the Scrooser. It features one or two 250W hub motors and a 11Ah / 400Wh lithium battery. Top speed is limited to 16 mph (25 km/h), and the range comes in at 31 miles (50 km). The Rolley connects to smartphones or smart-watches to display speed, battery status, ride statistics and other traffic-relevant data.

FlyKly, from New York City, recently introduced the Smart Ped, a foldable electric kick scooter. It only weighs 24 lb. (11kg), and has the same performances as the Scooterson: 250W motor, top speed of 16 mph (25 km/h), and range of 31 miles (50 km). It is at the Kickstarter stage and is priced at $790, with retail price of $1,250. If all goes well (which means it is unlikely), the Smart Ped should be available in the spring of next year.

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From the Chinese firm SEEV comes the Citycoco, a perfect copy of the Scrooser… Equipped with a 800W, 95 nM motor, it reaches a speed of 13 mph (20 km/h) and has a range of 50 miles (80 km). According to the Chinese web site, the Citycoco costs only ¥ 4499.00, or $780! If the Citycoco ever reaches Europe and the USA, it will compete against the $4,000 Scrooser…

Of course, it remains to be seen if there is a demand for electric kick scooter. Will it be a toy for kids, or can it become a real urban transportation vehicle?





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  1. RobM wrote the 16/11/2015

    Hi, owned more than 10 stand up scooters from the 1997-2003 stand up scooter craze days. Had a club where we compared them.

    Imo, the Scrooser style big wheels that don’t have rounded front wheels will be risky, if not dangerous, on high speed turns. That was the problem with the (now long gone) Badsey scooters, which was the fastest during the “Za;;y” scooter days.

    The front wheel must have a rounded profile to turn safely, in my view.

    Too bad the Currie Flyer disappeared. They were the best, then.

    Lots of LiPo scooters now from China, with flat-proof tires.

    However, I do not trust LiPo batteries due to fire risk, and the BMS on them need to be investigated. None of the makers reveal whether their EcoReco, Glion, etc, even have a BMS.

    Recently, the guru of electric cars had a Lithium fire in his high-tech lab. Lookup the Rickard fire story on


    BTW, the real reason to own an electric ride is because anybody who rides a gas vehicle is slowly killing himself/herself from the exhaust. Just look up the diesel fumes story on school buses. Kids inside are breathing more diesel fumes than the people behinde the bus.

  2. Walter wrote the 04/04/2017

    I see quite a few number of people commuting with a petrol powered scooter and I think that this would be a great idea for short commutes. I’m not quite sure if electric scooters will become a big deal for many people as most of them would opt for bikes.

    It may be a good alternative since the “experience” is different. And the best part about electric scooters is your contribution to the environment.
    I think that electric scooter companies or those who plan on manufacturing electric scooters should put up a survey and gauge from there whether or not people would get one for commuting.

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