Paris adopts the electric scooter


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Hundreds of 50cc- and 125cc-equivalent electric scooters will soon be criss-crossing the streets of the City of Light.

Eccity Motocycles announced a $1 million renewable contract with the city of Paris to start replacing the city-agents’ 400 gas scooters with the Artelec 670. This 125cc-equivalent electric scooter is no stranger to our readers:

This is huge for the French startup, and this contract should guarantee the future of the firm.

Artelec 670

Artelec 670

For its part, Cityscoot, the Paris electric scooter sharing network that we presented here:

is conducting a second phase of testing with 50 electric scooters from GOVECS. These 50cc-equivalent scooters are now equipped with a second battery that is removable and recharges the fixed battery. Employees of the service will be switching these removable batteries so that the scooters in the streets will always have a charged battery. Cityscoot is scheduled to receive 500 scooters in July, and another 500 in September.

Although Eccity Motocycles recently announced a new 50cc-equivalent scooter, the Artelec 470, it is most likely that these two contracts will both go to GOVECS. The German firm manufactures its scooters in Poland.

For both manufacturers, Paris will become a great showroom for their products, and will get Parisians used to electric scooters. The start of a love affair?


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  1. bikemite wrote the 14/02/2016

    Great news for Paris! Great news for eccity!

    I really hope that also other cities in Europe will do the same

    • JP, the author of the post, wrote the 14/02/2016

      There is no question in my mind that, sooner or later, electric scooters will become widespread in cities all over Europe! And with encouragements from city governments like in Paris, it can be sooner.

  2. Yoann wrote the 15/02/2016

    The electric scooter seems to be designed for cities like Paris. These initiatives are good to help people to realize that electric scooters exist!

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