Ride through the Alps with an electric motorcycle!

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An Austrian tour company is offering 5-day tours through the Alps on Zero electric bikes.

Edelweiss Bike Travel is a tour company specializing in motorcycle tours all over the world. Its latest offering is a zero-emission tour, thanks to 2 Zero DS ZF11.4 and 4 Zero S ZF11.4, all equipped with the Power Tank option. They can thus comfortably handle the daily stages, which average around 200 km (125 miles).

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The tour starts in Edelweiss’ home town, Mieming, and crosses into the Italian and Swiss Alps before coming back to the departure city, via the Silvretta High Alpine Road and the Stelvio, Gavia, Mendel, Sella Ronda and Timmelsjoch passes. Prices start at $3,230 for a shared bike and room to $3,640 for a solo ride and single room.

This will expose a lot of riders and other tourists to electric motorcycles. It is also the best way to enjoy the Alps, in silence and with zero emission.

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  1. yuval Brandstetter MD wrote the 20/07/2014

    I wonder if those are equipped with the Chademo charger. One coffee stop and photos are enough time for a quick-charge at any 50KW chademo

    • Albert wrote the 20/07/2014

      I don’t think there are Chademo chargers yet on these alpine roads.

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