The Scrooser: the best looking electric scooter?


Scrooser has announced that pre-production of its electric scooter has started.  You can ride this original vehicle standing up or sitting down, or you can use it as a kick-scooter.

The German firm, based in Dresden, seems to be moving along nicely. The Scrooser was presented for the first time last year, and now it seems that the final stage of production has started. Made with an aluminum body, it weighs only 61 pounds. The wide tires allow the Scrooser to remain upright by itself when stopped. It has already been dubbed “the Harley Davidson of the sidewalk”…

scrooser standing

Its 1000 W motor inside the rear wheel allows for a top speed of 15 mph, and its lithium battery provides for a range of 22 miles. When in impulse drive mode (or kick-scooter mode), the range increases to 34 miles.

Distribution is planned throughout Europe and also in the USA, but details are sketchy at this point. The Scrooser comes with a 2-year warranty and several color combinations, with prices starting at 3,571 euros ($4,595). The video below shows some of the manufacturing process:

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  1. Tom wrote the 29/03/2014

    My 13 years old son fell in love with this Scrooser 😉
    The design is really awesome : simple, unostentatious… we like it !
    Do you know where they plan to sell it ?

    And a special mention for the music in the video <3

    • JP DARWIN, the author of the post, wrote the 30/03/2014

      Your son might be a little young, depending on the legislation in your country. For now, you can pre-order it on Scrooser’s web site.

  2. Yoann wrote the 29/03/2014

    I really love this scooter! I think Scootlib in Paris should use the Scrooser!!!!

    • JP DARWIN, the author of the post, wrote the 30/03/2014

      Yes, it might just look cool enough for Parisians… :-)

  3. Arnold wrote the 30/03/2014

    Just wonferful ..

  4. IvyMax wrote the 14/04/2014

    love it! what an epic vehicle. where can I buy one ??

    • JP DARWIN, the author of the post, wrote the 17/04/2014

      You can order one online at

  5. Walter wrote the 05/04/2017

    Amazing! This would be very convenient, where I live. The fact that it has a seat is tempting, you don’t always have to stand up. You could cruise around, get some fresh air, and stop for some coffee. Aesthetically, it’s wonderful.

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