Spanish Postal Service gets 100 Scutum electric scooters

Correos, the Spanish postal service, will use Scutum electric scooters for mail delivery in major cities.

Barcelona-based Scutum delivered 100 of its SO2 model to Correos, which decided to use 25 in Madrid, 25 in Barcelona, 15 in Valencia, 12 in Málaga, 8 in Zaragoza, 8 in Sevilla and 7 in Vizcaya. Entirely manufactured in Spain, the SO2 is a cargo scooter with a 4 kW motor, available with different battery capacities:

Correos claims that its scooters have a maximum speed of 80 km/h and a range of 100 km, so it seems that they went with the 6 kWh battery. The Spanish Postal Service has more than 9,000 two-wheelers, so we can hope that this is just the beginning of the electrification of its fleet.

Scotum has also recently delivered a dozen SO2 models to Milano in Italy for rental through Cooltra, as it slowly expends distribution in Europe. Scotum is the leading electric two-wheeler manufacturer in the Spanish market for the first 3 months of 2016:

Source: AEDIVE Spain

Two other Spanish manufacturers of electric scooters, Rieju and Going Green, are the main other players. It seems that Cooltra has not yet registered the 250 GOVECS it received for its scooter sharing program we mentioned in a previous article:

On the motorcycle side, we can notice the good results of Zero with 19 units sold, and the arrival of Volta with 3 units and Energica with 1 unit.

It is always nice to get some real market figures, and it looks like Spain is moving in the right direction. Viva Espana!



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